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My A320 simulator, in stages.

End of 2013

Effort continues on the Instructor Station.

Summer 2013

The simulator was shipped from its storage in Madrid, to our house in Houston (USA).


Effort continues on the Instructor Station.

End of 2010

Captain side side stick, tiller and supports were purchased.


During this year development concentrated almost exclusively on the Instructor Station, as the simulator was still in storage in Madrid.

End of 2008

Project for the Audio Control Panel was developed. Since there is no real use for this panel in flight simulator, I developed a Visual Basic Code to trigger cabin announcements, background music and other ambient sounds from the cockpit. For this purpose, I purchased Leo Bodnar's card for Joystick and button interfacing.

At this point, the simulator had to be disassembled and put into storage, due to our family moving to Houston, Texas.

June 2008

At this point I concentrated on the Instructor Station for my cockpit, and this was when the Instructor Station was born. You can read more about it here: Instructor Station.

August 2007

The next panel I purchased was Cockpitsonic's Radio Management Panel.

February 2007

It all started with Flightdeck Solution's MCDU. The screen is a Sony PSOne LCD, which can be easily attached following a very detailed manual you can find at FDS.

Christmas 2006

I decided to purchase PM's Airbus Suite, before the price rise expected for January 2007. I purchased all but the First Officer's Glass Cockpit, the Remote MCDU and the Instructor Station.

Autumn 2006 and before...

I had for quite some years before a great passion for Comercial Aviation, and have been a user of Microsoft's Flight Simulator for many years (first version I used was 5.0 if I remember well !).

After having flown pretty detailed and feature rich aircraft add-ons on FS2002 for some time (Airbus A32X PSS package, mainly), I decided to take it to the next level. I spent much time researching about the cockpit software, and I concentrated mainly in Project Magenta, since it was the only available glass cockpit software package available for the Airbus.

May 2008 - Madrid, Spain