This is where you can purchase your Instructor Station™ license. 


Private License (IS-P)

Private use, non-commercial License (IS-P): 11.4 EUR/year

This entitles to get future updates for free (applies to all 3.x versions), as well as customer support. Full feature usage rights for one (1) year. 

To register/buy Instructor Station, click on the PayPal "Pay Now" link below:

Commercial License (IS-C1, IS-C2)

Commercial Use License - Please contact us for pricing

The Commercial License grant’s the right of use for educational or commercial applications, including flight training, equipment tests, product demonstration, cockpit building for third parties and similar activities.

The Commercial License entitles the licensee use of the Instructor Station™ for commercial applications, as foreseen under the Commercial License Agreement

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Registration:    How do I proceed?

To register the program, please purchase a license (see below). Send your product CODE (will be shown when you run the program in the Login window) to . After your payment is verified, a KEY will be sent to your email address.


Please bear in mind that the key is computer-specific, meaning that if you wish to install the program on another computer, you will have to send a new key request (of course, free of charge).

Options to purchase Private License

You can pay with CREDIT CARD or directly, via PAYPAL. Please click on the PayPal button below for any of the two (the PayPal system is used to clear both Credit Card and PayPal payments).

PayPal is the preferred method of payment, and the quickest one to get your license.

Click on the PayPal button:


 Or go to simMarket:

Check the Home and the Screenshots pages for more info.

Also download the Manual for more details.

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