Instructor Station™ in Action

Picture showing the Instructor Station™ logo on the FLIGHT F-35 Simulator truck.

Thanks Andre!

From one of our commercial customers in their A320 simulator (Jiri Steinbach, Prague).

Great work Jiri !

From one of our customers in their motion B-757 simulator (Thanks Michael !).

This one from Phillip in his simulator...

These are from, another commercial customer (Thanks Roel !)

Boeing 757 simulator...

Running on an iPad...

Dutch cockpit "Flying to Help" - simulation fly for a good cause

This is a private initiative fundraiser for a non-profit organization, Mission Aviation Fellowship (Christian missionary aviation), which provides in air connections for more than a thousand other organizations, like Red Cross, Unicef and churchworkers in desolate areas.

"Flying to Help" offers the opportunity to enjoy a half hour flight in a fairly realistic simulation of a bush plane. You will "fly" in a cockpit with full dual controls, something that is rare in the Netherlands.

VirtualFly OVO-04 Motion Simulator


Pictures of the Instructor Station in action at the Aviosim 737 Simulator in the Aviodrome at Lelystad airport, Holland:

Approach Plots !!