February 2023

Instructor Station™ used to record data on academia paper:

The Influence of Fatigue on an Instrument Approach

11th International Conference on Air Transport - INAIR 2022, Returning to the Skies


Proven by accident statistics, a tired pilot poses a threat to safe flight operations, especially in its critical phases, such as the approach to landing. In the context of the fatigue's impact on the accurate execution of the approach to landing, no research has yet been carried out to experimentally confirm/deny the impact of this factor on the pilot's performance. Therefore, this study examines the impact of fatigue on the final approach phase through a 24-hour flight simulator experiment. [...] Therefore, the experimental setup, methodology, and results can serve as an evidence-based approach for a more concrete definition of fatigue risk management or as a knowledge base for further development of this issue.

February 19th 2022

Instructor Station™ installed on a Boeing 737 simulator

August 13th 2021

Instructor Station™ version 3.54 has been released.

October 3rd 2020


August 22nd 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator™ 2020

August 1st 2020

Price Reduction !!

March 20th 2019

Instructor Station™ version 3.52 has been released.

September 1st 2018  

Instructor Station™ version 3.51 has been released.

January 7th 2018  

Instructor Station™ version 3.50 has been released.

May 27th 2017  

Proud Sponsor of FlightSimCon 2017.

December 11th 2016  

Instructor Station™ version 3.46 has been released.

October 26th 2016  

Instructor Station™ FAA approved in BATD

A few days ago, Instructor Station™ was certified as part of an FAA approved Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD), offered by VirtualFly.

Another proof of robustness and high quality, allowing Instructor Station™ to meet and exceed FAA standards.

See further details on link below:

September 4th 2016 

Instructor Station version 3.45 has been released.

September 3rd 2016 

Instructor Station version 3.44 has been released.

April 23rd 2016 

Instructor Station version 3.43 has been released.

March 12th 2016   

Instructor Station was at the 2016 FlightSimulation Conference (Berlin), 12-March-2016 (information at the VierImPott exhibitor)

February 14th 2016  

Instructor Station version 3.41 has been released.

February 14th 2016  

Instructor Station version 3.40 has been released.

December 22nd 2015 

Dutch cockpit "Flying to Help" - simulation fly for a good cause

This is a private initiative fundraiser for a non-profit organization, Mission Aviation Fellowship (Christian missionary aviation), which provides in air connections for more than a thousand other organizations, like Red Cross, Unicef and churchworkers in desolate areas. 

"Flying to Help" offers the opportunity to enjoy a half hour flight in a fairly realistic simulation of a bush plane. You will "fly" in a cockpit with full dual controls, something that is rare in the Netherlands.

October 10th 2015  

Instructor Station version 3.31 has been released.

September 18th 2015   

Instructor Station version 3.30 has been released.



(nv = "no voice", higher compatibility)

Upgrade is FREE for existing 2.X users.

A 9 Eur fee will apply to renew license each year afterwards. 

August 10th 2015 

Instructor Station version 3.23 has been released.

July 18th 2015  

Instructor Station version 3.22 has been released.

July 3rd 2015 

Instructor Station version 3.20 has been released.

May 1st 2015  

Instructor Station Remote for iPad / iPhone, coming soon!

Control iStation and your Flight Simulator from your mobile device!

The iStation Remote app allows remote control of basic functions on Microsoft® Flight Simulator (FS) 2004™, FSX™ and ESP™, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® and X-Plane®.

***This app is to be used in conjunction with the Instructor Station program (© Luis Gordo).  It will not work on its own.***

The device needs to be on the same network as the computer running Instructor Station.

April 10th 2015 

Instructor Station version 3.14 has been released.


(nv = "no voice", higher compatibility)

Upgrade is FREE for existing 2.X users.

A 9 Eur fee will apply to renew license each year afterwards. 

April 9th 2015 

Instructor Station 7th anniversary is approaching  !!

Enjoy discounted price on the FDR Mobile app ($0.99):

January 17th 2015 

Instructor Station version 3.13 has been released.

October 5th 2014 


Look for our product throughout the event...

October 5th 2014 


July 16th 2014 


May 1st 2014

Major upgrade for INSTRUCTOR STATION (version 3) is under way !!


New features:

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

November 25th 2013 

The FLIGHT DATA RECORDER app for iPhone / iPad is available on

the App Store !!!

Requires iOS 6.1 or later.  Compatible with iPhone and iPad.  This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Ever wanted to easily record a flight and share with friends, including cockpit audio?

Ever left wanting to hear an ATC transmission again?

Finally an affordable Flight Data and Digital ATC Recorder at your grasp!

The Flight Data Recorder (FDR) app can be used to track flights / trips in real life with an iPhone or iPad, and analyze performance afterwards on your computer.

The data generated by FDR can be imported into the Instructor Station program, and Google Earth 3D files (kml) can be exported, data plotted, PDF reports generated, etc.

The Instructor Station will playback any portion of your flight in Google Earth, with simultaneous audio feed, to provide the ULTIMATE flight re-living experience!


February 4th 2014 

INSTRUCTOR STATION version 2.13 is available NOW !!

If you are experiencing issues during startup, please download an alternate version HERE.




November 30th 2013 

INSTRUCTOR STATION version 2.12 is available NOW !!


 Engine to import data from the Flight Data Recorder iPhone/iPad APP

November 9th 2013 

Pictures of the Instructor Station from one of our customers on their motion

B-757 simulator. 

- Thanks Michael !

July 25th 2013 

Pictures of the Instructor Station from one of our customers 

- Thanks Philip !

January 10th 2013 

New pictures of the Instructor Station in action from one of our commercial 

customers ( - Thanks Roel !

November 5th 2012


Note that this version requires an upgraded license from all 1.X versions.

Existing customers can upgrade their license here.

See screenshots here.


Download here or here if your system is not compatible with Microsoft's


voice recognition software (Windows XP and lower).

New Features:


October 4th 2012 

ForeFlight Mobile Charts will be Supported in the next Instructor Station version (hopefully coming out soon!).  All tests have been carried out, and the feature is 100% working!

The new version of the Instructor Station (yet to be released) supports ForeFlight.  

ForeFlight Mobile is the critically acclaimed flight planning and in flight support app for pilots. Discover the joy of a lighter flight bag and increased situational awareness.

ForeFlight provides “beautiful, full-screen weather maps; complete airport data; plates; TFRs and AIR/SIGMETs; moving map with VFR/IFR charts and data-driven maps; and much more make ForeFlight Mobile your permanent Second-in-Command.”

This is a tool (primarily for use by pilots in the real world) for getting moving maps, weather updates, and more while in the cockpit.  Now, you can connect this tool to your simulator of choice (FSX, FS9, Prepar3D, ESP or XPlane) via the Instructor Station for training! (at a lot less cost than using other options available in the market!).

September 17th 2012

Some of the customer pictures recently received:

June 9th 2012

You can download  US Sectional Charts, Terminal Area Charts, World Area Charts, Enroute Low Charts, Area Charts and Enroute High Charts for use in Google Earth with the Instructor Station here:

US FAA Charts @

Also available is a KML file for direct download to Google Earth with internet aceess:

US FAA Charts (KML file) @


May 1st 2012

New features being added:

- ATC communications (text-to-speech) and text to FS window.

- Glideslope, Localizer, DME and CRS indications on PFD (tracker window).

- Playback mode

- Several bugs addressed

And more...


September 10th 2011

Version 1.60 has been released!  - New features:

April 20th 2011

New features being added to the next version:


December 29th 2010

New version underway, adding aircraft positioning at airport gates! Stay tuned! 

November 20th 2010

Enhance your iStation experience by using these 

Google Earth  Aeronautical Charts Overlays (U.S. only).  Click on these links and open the KML files:

US Sectional Charts:

US Low Altitud Enroute Charts:

November 13th 2010

New version available (1.51) !  New features:

Check our new video:

November 4th 2010

You can now use the Instructor Station comfortably from your Apple iPad.  See the video below for demonstration!  Thanks to Matt Riggins for sharing.  


You will need Air Display for iPad: click here


Link to Matt Riggins blog: click here


 November 2010

Pictures of the Instructor Station in action at the Aviosim 737 Simulator in the Aviodrome at Lelystad airport, Holland:

June 17th 2010

New version underway ..... Stay tuned!!

December 6th 2009

VERSION 1.50 IS NOW AVAILABLE !!! Download it by cliking the link on the right hand side of the page.

New features: 

Repositions relative to FS runways.

"Tracker Window" showing artificial horizon, heading/winds rose, and many more variables graphically to enhance Instructor awareness.

Real-Time tracking of flight in 3D via Google Earth KML files !!

Aircraft Simulation Technology (AST) Airbus Compatibility  (not yet complete).

N2, Stall speeds (clean & flaps full) and G-Force variables included.

PDF Approach Report updated to include new variables.

Aircraft Stall warning included.

Improved failures, adding new possiblities, as well as triggering failures when going above or below certain speeds or altitudes.

On-Screen Keyboard (for touch screen setups). 

Ability to set TSR Runway Conditions.

And more...



November 26th 2009

 Version 1.50 will be available shortly !!!

November 5th 2009

Due to the increased amount of inquiries we are receiving, we are posting the current status on the next version. Development has taken longer than expected due to some technical and software-related problems mainly. Nevertheless, we plan to release the next version before the end of the year.


August 13th 2009

The release of the new version of the Instructor Station should not take long now... New features being implemented:

April 19th 2009

Ongoing development... stay tuned !! 

March 28th 2009

Version 1.30 is available! Price increase is scheduled to take place soon, so go ahead and purchase your copy now! These are new features included:

25th January 2009

We have relocated our operations to Houston, Texas (USA). Also, due to some technical problems, development has been slowed down. Anyhow, you can expect more updates to the Instructor Station throughout this year. Customer support has not been dropped down anytime throughout all this period. STAY TUNED FOR FUTURE UPDATES!!

26th October 2008

Version 1.25 is available!! These are the new features included:

14th October 2008

We are always working to improve our product! New features in the pipeline are:

Stay tuned !!

29th September 2008

Minor bug fixed: Version 1.21 released. Please download it HERE.

23rd September 2008

Version 1.20 is AVAILABLE !! ...and it brings the implementation of the Boeing 737 features !!!!

New features included:

4th September 2008

Version 1.20 launch is coming soon and it brings the implementation of the Boeing 737 features !!!!

New features included:

24th August 2008 

Version 1.10 is available !!

This version brings Enhanced FSX Compatibility. Aside, several new features are included:

Coming next is the implementation of the 737 features !!

22nd July 2008

Version 1.10 will soon be available !!

This version brings Enhanced FSX Compatibility. Aside, several new features will be included:

Amongst others... Stay tuned !!

13th July 2008

Tests have been carried out in FSX, with the following preliminary conclusions:

1. The vast majority of features are FULLY COMPATIBLE with FSX !

2. Environment settings: The weather can be successfully set in Local WXR stations, not globally, with minor adjustments needed.

3. The aircraft speed is set differently in FSX than it was in FS9 (position Tab), so in the following update this will be included.

Please test yourself using the demo!

These features will also be included in the next version:

1. Graphic Plot of variables againts distance to runway.

2. Graphic Plot of vertical and horizontal profiles of approaches to runway.

29th June 2008

Release version (1.00) is ready !!!

22nd June 2008

At this point the release version of the Instructor Station is about 1-2 weeks away. About 99% of the programming is done for this first version. A demo version will be available for you to try the software prior to pruchase. The program manual will also be available shortly for download! Please visit the screenshots section latest pics!  

10th June 2008

At this point the release version of the Instructor Station is about 2-3 weeks away. About 90% of the programming is done. There is still some work ahead on the "Fuel/Load" and the "Failures" areas.

99% of all features of the Instructor Station are compatible with ALL aircraft !! The first release version will be fully compatible with A319/A320/A321 Project Magenta and FS2004 users (many features may also work on FS2002 and FSX, though these are not supported yet). Next, development on the 737 and A330/A340 will follow.

I will post more screenshots soon, to show development. Stay tuned !!