The MAIN tab displays Flight Simulator (FS) version, FS frame rates, FS and system UTC, etc.

The type of aircraft being used is selected from the MAIN tab.

The following Network features are available:

  • START SIMULATOR - including auto-start of remote PCs

  • STOP SIMULATOR - including shutdown (or re-start) of remote PCs

  • Re-Start Remote PCs (via WideFS)

  • Display running Status of remote PCs

Interface features:

  • Export to ForeFlight Mobile (see ACFT position, ALT, SPD, etc. on ForeFlight)

  • Bluetooth GPS Export

  • iStation Remote (control iStation from dedicated iOS app - under development)

  • Interface with Phillips HUE Lighting System

Program settings can be modified here.



Set aircraft (ACFT) at any desired position: on an approach to a selected runway, ready to intercept the ILS, holding position on ground for entering a runway, at an airport gate, at a navigation aid, on an airway, etc.

  • Position:

    • Relative to Runways (Final Course Intercept, Cruise, Downwind, 10/7/4 nm Straight Approach, RWY Threshold and Hold Short Positions)

    • At Parking Gate

    • From/To Navigation Aids (VOR, NDB, LOC, etc.)

    • Drag ACFT on Map

  • Auto-tune ILS frequency

  • SkyVector and AirNav links to selected airport -- quickly get APP/SID/STAR charts, airport diagrams, etc.

  • Pre-Set scenarios (i.e. frequently used) -- for ultra-quick ACFT placement (including WXR settings and failure scenarios, if desired)

  • Ground Services:

    • Open/Close Doors

    • Jetway request

    • Fuel Truck request

    • Options specific for A320 FMGS Jeehell

  • Pushback controls

  • Scenario Builder (ACFT position, WXR and programmed failures, as desired)

  • Slew controls



Set weather environment to virtually any possible scenario, including VFR, MVFR, CAT I through CAT IIIc conditions, night, day, dawn & dusk, cross-wind, etc.

  • Time & Season:

    • Pre-Set Dawn, Day, Dusk & Night

    • Synchronize FS time with internet UTC time

    • Pre-Set Seasons (Winter, Spring, Summar, Fall)

    • Set specific Date and Time

  • Pre-Set WXR scenarios:

    • VFR

    • Marginal VFR

    • IFR

    • Low IFR

    • ILS Cat I, ILS Cat II, ILS Cat III a/b/c

  • Pre-Set WXR conditions:

    • Cross-wind

    • Rain

    • Snow

    • Thunderstorm

    • Fog

  • Visualize ACFT HDG and Wind direction/speed

  • METAR:

    • Real-Time WXR can be downloaded from NOAA, IVAO and VATSIM servers

  • Advanced WXR interface - control up to 3 Cloud Layers, Visibility, Precipitation, Winds, Temperature and Pressure



Complete aircraft control.

  • ACFT quick-start ** take ACFT from Cold & Dark to Engines Started and Ready

  • Specific features for A320 FMGS Jeehell, Airbus AST, Boeing & Airbus Project Magenta (i.e. quick set up of CDU/MCDU, etc.)

  • Display ACFT data (POS, Attitude, Engines)

  • ACFT controls:

    • Throttle, Propeller Pitch, Mixture & Flaps

  • Electric controls:

    • Master switch, Avionics switch

    • Lights: Beacon, Land, Taxi, Nav, Strobe

  • Autopilot controls:

    • HDG, Course, ALT, Vertical Speed

    • Master on/off

  • Control radios

    • COM 1/2

    • NAV 1/2

    • ADF 1

    • Transponder

    • Audio Panel

  • Custom KEY press controls (user-definable)

  • Overhead sketches for A320 and Boeing 737 (for reference)



Set overall fuel quantity or by individual tanks. Calculate fuel required for trip. Change the payload of the aircraft.

  • Visualize and change fuel tanks in 0-25-50-75-100 % increments, or to any desired value

  • Fuel Planner:

    • Auto-Load calculated fuel to ACFT

    • For Piston-type ACFT

    • Airbus A319/320/321

    • Boeing 737-600/700/800/900

  • Weight & Balance:

    • Display all weight stations

    • Perform CG calculations

    • Display ZFW, Fuel Weight, Total Weight, Planned Taxi / Take-off / Landing Weights



Digital Flight Data Recorder stores and displays flight parameters in a wide array of ways: graphic charts, PDF reports, Google Earth KMLs, vertical & horizontal approach plots, etc.

  • Record all Flight / ACFT parameters

  • Logs Flight Events (i.e. gear down, flaps up, etc.)

  • Data can be saved for later analysis

  • Plot selected variables

  • Create PDF reports

  • Export KML file to Google-Earth

  • Real-Time chart plots and Google-Earth™ visualization

  • Ability to import FDR Mobile data and audio files for visualization

  • Tracker Window - for instructor awareness

  • Data can be analyzed and split into defined flight phases

  • Approach Plots

    • Vertical ACFT path relative to RWY

    • Horizontal ACFT path relative to RWY

  • All data can be printed and saved for future use



Fail any ACFT system/component at any time, including custom definable failures.

  • Trigger failures by any of the following, or a combination thereof:

    • Altitude (MSL or AGL)

    • Speed (above or below)

    • Time (after elapsed)

  • Failures can also be triggered instantaneously at instructor's will

  • Failures can be defined as recoverable or non-recoverable

  • Engine failures:

    • Power Loss

    • Reverse Fail

    • General failure

    • Fire

  • General failures:

    • Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder blocked

    • Gear blocked up or down

    • Fuel Tank Leaks

    • Spoilers blocked

    • Flaps blocked

  • Panel / Instrument failures:

    • Air Speed, Turn coordinator, Attitude indicator, HDG indicator, Altimeter, VSI, Compass, Fuel indicator, Pitot Heat

    • Radio failures: COM 1/2, NAV 1/2, ADF, XNDR

  • Project Magenta display failures (PFD, ND, upper/lower ECAM/EICAS, CDU/MCDU)

  • Project Magenta system failures for Airbus A320 and Boeing 737

  • Airbus A320 FMGS Jeehell system failures

  • Custom Failures (definable via offsets)



Access navigation database, send ATC messages (voice and/or text), produce custom definable sounds, broadcast ATIS (text and/or sound), control aircraft radios and transponder, calculate and display holding patterns.

  • Updatable Navigation Database (Navigraph)

  • Show information for selected navigation aid (VOR, NDB, LOC, Fix):

    • Full name

    • Elevation

    • Range

    • Distance from ACFT

    • Bearing from ACFT

    • Position (LAT LON)

    • Frequency

  • Send navaid position to RE-POS tab for ACFT positioning

  • Auto-Send frequency to NAV radios

  • Cabin announcements (custom-defined by user)

  • ATC capability:

    • Generate Text and/or Voice messages

    • Quick-Build clearance, ground, tower and en-route ATC instructions

  • ATIS / AWOS:

    • Generate in Text format on FSX window

    • Listen to ATIS/AWOS when tuning to specified COM broadcast frequency


    • Create based on selected Navaid

    • Define: ALT, inbound course, L/R turn, expect further clearance time and SPD

    • Export HOLD to Google-Earth

    • The following is calculated:

      • ACFT distance to holding point

      • ACFT Bearing

      • Outbound Course

      • Recommended Entry Procedure



Display airborn and/or ground traffic, set traffic on collision course to generate TCAS scenarios.

  • Display Airborn Traffic

  • Display Ground Traffic

  • Radar Range: 1 nm - 50 nm

  • Generate Traffic on Collision Course (TCAS alerts):

    • ACFT approaches from clock-positions

    • Define Time to Collision

    • Define Distance from ACFT

    • Place Above, Below or at Same Altitude as own ACFT

  • Advanced tab allows further definition of generated traffic variables



Full display of aircraft position.

  • Shows ACFT track


  • Map can be overlaid on multiple types of maps: street, terrain, geographical, etc. (Bitmap source can be imported from multiple providers)



Full external control of the flight simulator: Pause, Freeze, View change, flight reset, Slew, ground services (doors, jetways), etc.

  • Views:

    • Pan View Up/Down

    • Zoom

    • Cycle Views

    • Cycle sub-views

    • Quick select view angle

  • Control Simulation Rate

  • ACFT controls:

    • Throttle, Propeller Pitch, Mixture & Flaps

  • Electric controls:

    • Master switch, Avionics switch

    • Lights: Beacon, Land, Taxi, Nav, Strobe

  • Autopilot controls:

    • HDG, Course, ALT, Vertical Speed

    • Master on/off

  • Instant Replay (FSX, ESP and Prepar3D only)



The Instructor Station™ has many other features:

  • Use with Touch-Screen monitors

  • Can be run remotely on any tablet (either natively running Windows or using display extenders like SplashTop, AirDisplay, etc.)

  • Can run on flight simulator PC (no frame-rate loss) or remotely

  • Allows controlling multiple flight simulator sessions remotely (i.e. training classes)

  • Voice control enabled

  • Compatible with:

    • FS9 (2004)

    • FSX

    • ESP

    • Prepar3D

    • MSFS 2020

    • X-Plane (via XPUIPC)

  • Compatible with

    • Windows XP

    • Windows Vista

    • Windows 7

    • Windows 8

    • Windows 10

  • Meets FAA Certification Requirements for Advanced and Basic Aviation Training Devices (per AC 61-136, 7/17/08, AFS-800)

  • Meets FAA Certification Requirements for FLight Simulators and Flight Training Devices (per 14 CFR Part 60, 7/17/08, AFS-800)