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Aviation and Non-aviation related products

As many of you, I normally spend a fair amount of time reading reviews, viewing video demonstrations and comparing products before making a purchase. If you don't have the time, or you simply don't like doing that, I've compiled the results of my recent purchases. Rest assured that these items will provide a high level of satisfaction.

Got this E6B flight computer from ASA for my private pilot training. Metal construction, sturdy and durable. Very nice.

I bought an original iPad in 2010, to replace my dead pocket PC. Was not too sure about its use, but did need a replacement for my business trips... I have found more uses for the iPad in these 2 years of use than for any PC I have previously owned. Very recommendable for flying, as you have a moving map and a wealth of official and current information (charts, A/FD, etc.) in a fraction of the space. I do not own the latest model, but it is getting better and better. Definetly a must!

If you fly IFR for real, or even in a flight simulation, this IFR chart organizer will prove very handy! I fly with it all the time, and it really helps to keep things tidy in the cockpit!

Very nice plotter for all your chart work!

Very interesting book. Tons of practical advice and real-life situations. Awesome reading material for any pilot.

Impressive and powerful external GPS to know where you are in the heights! Also great for any mobile device lacking GPS reception. Works like a charm!

Got compliments from my flight instructor for these headsets. Very comfortable and effective. At a fraction of the cost of more expensive headsets. Great customer service too!

Nice little compendium of rules of thumb.

Great little charger to make sure your iPad, iPhone and any other mobile device stays charged during your flights or car trips!

Nice headset bag to put your pair of David Clarks in!

A place to start... and go back to for future reference. Very handy.

I don't own this bag, but it is definitely on my wish-list. Great product!

Very good value pair of headsets for a starter or for passengers.

Another must!

iPad to VGA adapter - for all your presentation and home needs.

Handy bag for your passenger's headsets!

Don't go to your checkride without it!

Very nice portable keyboard. Apple quality.

Very recommendable LED 3D TV.

A must for any Instrument Rated Pilot!

Great quality home HD radio tuner. Difficult to find now, but great value.

Great 3D Bluray Player!

Another must, together with the above...

If you like the Lord of the Rings, look no further!

Don't go to your checkride without it!